Accudyne Systems, Inc. celebrates 20th

Accudyne Systems, Inc. celebrates 20th

In March of 2016, Accudyne Systems, Incorporated celebrated 20 years of delivering engineering ingenuity and service to the aerospace, semi conductor, and chemical processing industries. In addition to these main-line industrial sectors, Accudyne has developed one-of- a-kind equipment for several clients with diverse needs ranging from an instrumented infant test device to a machine that produces hail balls for testing building and vehicle damage in wind tunnels. Accudyne prides itself on providing unique solutions to each of our customers across a very diverse client base.  There are no product lines or model numbers for our machines – each one is carefully conceived, designed, and constructed to meet or exceed a unique set of requirements.

Accudyne’s Quality Management and Product Realization Processes ensure that Accudyne’s clients are delighted with final products that have been delivered on time, on budget, and have fit & finish worthy of the Accudyne Systems, Inc. brand.

In support of the Aerospace Industry, Accudyne has conceived, designed, and constructed several composite component manufacturing machines to produce:

  • Highly specialized composite aerospace components such as structural spars, stringers, panels, and bulkheads
  • Extremely geometrically complex composite turbine engine components utilizing Automated Fiber Placement technologies
  • Complex filament wound structural composite components to be used in fixed wing and rotorcraft

Accudyne’s engineers, designers, and technicians have the necessary depth and breadth of experience to tackle even the most difficult engineering and automation challenges  such as:

  • Lithium Winding machines that must operate in an inert gas environment and provide precision calendaring and tension controls
  • Fine China glaze application process
  • Precision pipetting for Biological Laboratory analysis
  • High-speed fastener inspection station

Accudyne has a core competency in Supercritical Fluid Processing Equipment design and manufacture.

  • Supercritical CO 2 equipment from benchtop laboratory size up to full scale production systems with multiple extraction vessels
  • Hydrothermal processing equipment to convert biological feedstock into hydrocarbons
  • Liquefied Gas solvating/extraction equipment

To contact Accudyne directly to discuss your needs, please call 302-369- 5390, or visit our contact page.