Supercritical and High Pressure Fluid Chemical Separation Processing

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Accudyne has designed and built numerous machines that utilize high pressure fluids for extraction, separation, drying, cleaning, and purification. These machines have ranged from small, 100mL benchtop units to production units with capacities of several hundred liters. We routinely deal with pressures up to 700bar (10,000psi) and temperatures ranging from -40C (-40F) to 350C (660F).

Accudyne manufactures three core High Pressure Fluid process/machine families: Supercritical CO2, Hydrothermal Fluid, and Liquefied Gas.

Supercritical CO2 Process applications include: solvent-free extraction for herbal compounds, CBD, THC, or terpenes; Critical Point Drying (Aerogel manufacture); chemical sample drying, cleaning and purification; Rapid Expansion of Supercritical Solutions (RESS); chemical dyeing; and more.

Hydrothermal Fluid Processes can be used to convert waste/byproduct into valuable compounds in an environmentally friendly manner – without harmful solvents.

Liquefied Gas Processes are typically used for industrial chemical extraction processes where CO2 is not appropriate.

Our depth of knowledge in heat transfer and fluid dynamics along with our extensive experience designing and building this equipment for more than 20 years makes us uniquely qualified to develop creative solutions for any Supercritical or High Pressure Fluid process application. There are several standard designs for smaller units that can be modified to fit our customers’ specific needs. The larger units are designed from the ground up incorporating specific process conditions, material characteristics, facility constraints, cleaning and maintenance, and local regulatory requirements.

All of our supercritical and high pressure fluid processing equipment is built to stringent safety standards. The pressure vessels are stamped with ASME, CRN, or PED code stamps as required by the specific location where the machine will be installed. Rupture discs and/or relief valves are installed on all vessels and in other areas that require protection. Relief line routing is considered during the layout of the machine to keep backpressure to a minimum. The electrical panels are built to UL standards and can be built to CE standards for machines shipped to Europe.

Accudyne can incorporate special features into any of our designs such as baskets for handling feedstock, cranes for loading and unloading baskets, and automatic drains for removing extract. Other options include cleanroom compliant design, SCADA controls, Class 1 Div II construction, co-solvent addition, modular design to allow disassembly for transport to restricted access areas, and custom vessel closures. Recycling of the process fluid can be done on any size system. We also have experience with multiple separators that allow fractionation of extract.

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