Benchtop Equipment

Accudyne Standard Products

Accudyne has developed its first line of off-the-shelf products under our SuperCube logo.  We found the need for a standard product in the extraction, critical point drying, and super cleaning industries that is fully automated, benchtop, and portable.


SuperCube 1000+ 

SuperCube 1000+

  • Overall Dimensions:  19.5in x 19.5in x 19.5in
  • Weight:  77lbs
  • 1 Liter Sample Extraction Vessel
  • 1 Liter Separator Collection Vessel
  • Fully Automated Cycle Controls:  “Set it and forget it” mentality
  • Air-operated CO2 high pressure pump
  • CO2 and extract only contacts 300-series stainless steel, PTFE, and glass
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SuperCycle 10k

SuperCycle 10k


  • Overall Dimensions:  21in x 20in x 37in
  • Fully Automatic Operation once cycle is started
  • Low energy consumption
  • All Contact Materials are stainless steel and PTFE
  • Integrates with SuperCube 1000+/HP, as well as other CO2 systems
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Accudyne Partnership Products with SFT

Accudyne Systems, Inc. is an engineering, design and production partner for Supercritical Fluid Technologies, Inc., an innovative laboratory equipment company that offers a full line of Supercritical CO2 inspection, extraction and reaction equipment.


SFT Nex10 Pump

Nex10 PumpThe SFT Nex10 is a robust, high capacity carbon dioxide pump designed to boost the delivery pressure of the liquified gas.  It may be used to deliver liquid CO2 to new and existing SFE equipment.  The pump operates in a constant pressure mode with the flow rate automatically adjusting to maintain the desired pressure.



SFT Phase Monitor

SFT Phase MonitorThe SFT Phase Monitor is a powerful analytical tool for determining the solubility parameters of various materials in supercritical fluids.  It provides direct, visual observation of materials under conditions that may be precisely controlled by the user.  Experiments may be performed in liquid carbon dioxide or other supercritical fluids.

Applications of the Phase Monitor include the study of physical solubility, phase behavior, and the enhanced solvating effect due to co-solvent addition.  Typical materials studied are pharmaceutical compounds, food flavorings, fragrances, monomers, and polymers.



SFT150Whether it’s repetitive laboratory extractions or process development and optimization, the SFT-150 provides an excellent introduction to the power and versatility of SFE/SFR technology.  Offering the flexibility and safety features often found only in higher priced extraction systems, the unit aids in investigating the feasibility of applying supercritical fluid techniques to various analyses and processing situations without incurring the larger capital investment required for more automated and integrated systems.


SFT-250 SFE/SFR Processing System

SFT250The SFT-250 meets the day-to- day rigors of the research laboratory and may be used for small-scale pilot processing.  This unit is simple to operate, easy to modify for evolving application needs, and features many of the performance characteristics of our fully automated SFT-1000.