Concept - Step 1

We have found that solutions are more successful when they are integrated into the overall environment. Therefore, we gather as much background information as possible by doing the following things:

Asking questions. Our project leaders talk with both the people in charge of the project and the people on the line or factory floor. All of these people have insight and information to share that could radically affect the effectiveness and the robustness of the final solution.

Visiting the site. Our project leaders tour the customer facility to better understand the part of the process that needs modification. They examine the relationship of the study project to the process as a whole. They also look at the overall environment to make sure that the project's specified parts will perform well in that environment.

Performing preliminary research. Our engineers study options to solve the engineering problems posed. They look at the major components in proposed solutions to compare performance, availability, compatibility, and pricing.

Conceptual design begins with a brainstorming session bringing together multidisciplinary ideas from a diverse team of engineers, designers and fabrication personnel. Starting in the preliminary research stage and continuing throughout the project, we have internal brainstorming sessions involving team members with skills in engineering, software, CAD design, and fabrication so that we thoroughly cover both theoretical and practical aspects of the project.

Through our brainstorming process we strive to develop creative solutions to most effectively address the critical problems.

The first design review typically occurs at the completion of this stage of the process. If there is more than one logical design pathway, Accudyne's team will work with the customer to select the most appropriate single path forward.